Welcome to End of Year Fundraising, 2016

That’s not a typo. When folks come to us in November and ask for help on their end of year campaign, our first question is always “what have you been doing all year long?” Good fundraising is about building relationships. Good relationships are built on communication, two-way communication. How will you listen to your donors… Read more

10 things I wish for you in the new year

That you are kind and compassionate to yourself. That you laugh a lot. That you experience unconditional love — be it from a partner, a child, a pet… That you do something you’ve been afraid to do before — and whether you succeed or fail are proud that you took the leap. That you make… Read more

Why don’t we teach philanthropy to our children?

“Philanthropy” is usually an adult word. But why? Why don’t more families teach what it means to be charitable to school-aged children? Yes – kids might absorb the concept through places of worship, or by seeing direct mail appeals in the mail pile. But what else can we do? A friend of mine shared this… Read more

I hate the title of this infographic, but it has good content, so…

They call it Mastering the Millennial. I hate that title for obvious reasons. But for anyone looking to engage millennials (AKA people born between 1982 and 2000)– or make a case for why you should be engaging with them given that they aren’t your prime fundraising audience…yet, you should check it out. Some interesting tidbits: Millennials… Read more

Thank u

Study after study shows that a major driver of donor defection is the feeling that they are not appreciated. How many times have you heard fundraisers rant and rave about this? And yet chances are, you have not amped up your “gratitude communications.” Silly you. Rather than rant and rave, I’m going to share with… Read more