My 10 Favorite Podcasts

They say you are what you eat. But I also think you are what you listen to. Consuming great content is a great way to learn how to create it yourself. Of course, this relates to any kind of content — tv, movies, news articles. But lately, I’ve been completely addicted to podcasts. In that… Read more

The Goldilocks Strategy

Let’s say you’re Goldilocks. You’ve started a non-profit to raise money so you can pay back the Three Bears for all the damage you did to their home. And you need a fundraising strategy. How about just going to a few rich people? Hmm, they seem to all want your undivided attention in exchange for… Read more

How do you stack up? Charitable giving report gives you benchmarks

Fundraisers should have these stats handy. In 2015, overall charitable giving in the United States increased 1.6% on a year-over-year basis. We’ve recovered from the recession, but growth has slowed. Large organizations grew overall giving by 1.4%, medium organizations declined 0.7%, and small nonprofits grew 5.5%. Online giving grew 9.2% in 2015 compared to 2014.… Read more

Forget About Demographics

Dear Development Director, Please stop abusing your staff with demands to “get more young people” onto the donor rolls. First of all, it will only be marginally effective at best because giving is a life-stage phenomenon. More importantly, demography is basically irrelevant. A 60-year old who cares deeply about animal welfare thinks a lot like… Read more

Escaping the Death Spiral

We’re all familiar with what is happening to online fundraising. Expectations and budget targets continue to rise, which inevitably leads to more aggressive fundraising, which in turn leads to list burnout. This being an election year, the shock and awe approach to email fundraising practiced by our political party brethren will make it impossible not… Read more

Fun activity: Get some new perspective

You’re reading this blog post, which means you have some time to kill. Stop surfing the internet and do this fun activity instead. It will help you get some new perspective. (1) Go for a walk around your block. (2) Walk more slowly than you usually do. (3) Try to notice 3 things that you… Read more

Email: It’s far from dead

Email went from the primary early Internet experience to reviled time sucker in less than a decade. Will it die a gruesome death or will it evolve to still have a place in our lives? The Atlantic argues the latter. See why.