Only the lonely: Is your fundraising team undervalued?

For a profession that’s all about relationships, fundraising can be solitary work — especially when an organization considers fundraising as a standalone function, not as fully valued and integral component to everything the organization does. This leads to fundraisers working as a silo-ed team. They are disconnected from strategic choices in program development. They are… Read more

Does Tech Philanthropy Suck?

Full confession: I am not a fan of ballet. But my wife is, as are many people whom I care about. And I certainly respect ballet as an art form. So when the ballet company in Silicon Valley shutters its doors for lack of donations, it makes me sad. And it seems emblematic of the… Read more

Philanthropy is Dead. Long Live Philanthropy.

To my eyes the universal desire to help, to contribute to the improvement and well-being of the world around us, is as strong as ever. I believe that altruism is real, and is the main reason I think the human species has a shot. The institution of philanthropy, meaning the machinery by which that altruistic… Read more