Harry Potter, my niece, and your donor cultivation efforts

My niece collects Harry Potter wands. For her birthday last month,  I sent her Lord Voldemort’s wand — one of the last she had to collect. As always, about a week later I received a note from her. It was green with owls illustrated all over the front. Inside was her “new-to-cursive” script thanking me… Read more

When You Blow Off Your Tribe

This really is about fundraising. Bear with me. As a loyal Apple person for more than a couple of decades, I’m mad as hell. It’s quite clear that Apple has all but forsaken its famously loyal core tribe in search of quick profits from geegaws like watches and iPhones. And yes, for whatever reason, I… Read more

I’m in Congo: Here’s why

I’m in the Democratic Republic of Congo with Population Services International, a Sea Change client. I am leading a three-day training with their field staff on why stories are important for fundraising, how to identify the right types, the essential building blocks of story and how to write them to get more funding. We’ve designed… Read more

Transformation: It’s a state of mind

Why do we do work that doesn’t have lasting impact? Why do we settle for “that’ll do” vs. “wow?” Why do we roll our eyes at colleagues who annoy us rather than engage with them in a meaningful and productive way? There’s no one answer. But I’d say an underlying factor for many of us… Read more