The Cadence Trap

As most email fundraisers have discovered, increasing the frequency of emails almost always raises more money. In the short run. And if you are chasing monthly targets, you have almost certainly indulged in a couple, or six, more emails as the month drew to a close. But when we do that, here are the questions… Read more

Getting a story: What questions to ask

Interviewing is an art. Just listen to Ira, Terry, Brian and other storytellers and journalists who tell stories for a living. Fundraisers also tell stories for a living. But we sometimes stumble on what questions to ask. I’m leading a storytelling training in DC today and I put together this list of questions that follows the… Read more

The Positive Results of Going Negative

Doom and gloom. It gets a bad rap. Nearly anyone who has ever tested the effectiveness of good news vs. bad news in a fundraising solicitation acknowledges that going to the dark side raises more money. That doesn’t stop onlookers from condemning the “negativity” of fundraising messages. This Jeff Brooks blog post from last year… Read more