How to decide what to ignore

It’s ok to ignore things. I often help clients decide what ideas they need to ignore. They usually already know they should ignore them, but they waver because they worry about missing opportunities. This is a leadership tension. When should you pivot to an opportunity that arises? When should you stay the course with your… Read more

Worthiness: How you feel impacts how you treat others

I just spent a week meditating and practicing how to create enlightened society with a bunch of Buddhists. Yes – you read that correctly. We are aspiring — in this crazy day and age — to create enlightened society. And we believe the change begins with ourselves. One of those changes is feeling worthy. Few… Read more

Mind the Ripples

This is a true story, but names and some details have been changed to protect the innocent. Mary’s a generous soul. Mary and her husband Bob had just moved into a new house, and that left their rented apartment vacant for the final month of their lease. Steve, an activist and friend, needed a place… Read more

Read this before having any courageous conversation

Many people are conflict-averse and do their best to avoid discord. I am one of them. But to be a strong leader, one must engage in courageous conversations — the ones that can be sticky, painful, and uncomfortable. Here’s a process that can make them easier. Heads up to Robert Gass for his insight: (1)… Read more

Game of Thrones, Dot-org Edition

With the arguable exception of Cersei Lannister, none of the Game of Thrones characters is truly evil. What’s driving the drama and the conflict isn’t ‘good vs. evil.” It’s a beautifully engineered set of cross purposes, where in pursuit of their passionate objectives, each character inevitably collides with another character and mayhem ensues. We see… Read more

Make your “not to do” list

Choosing what NOT to do is almost as important as choosing what to do. I’ve seen so many clients overextend themselves and not reach their goals because they were distracted by extracurriculars. What are you not going to do this year? Answer these questions and see what rises to the top of your “not to… Read more

Ignore your to-do list

I’m a Virgo. So believe me this is hard to say. Ignore your to-do list. Yes – you heard it from me. To-do lists are great tools. But they can sometimes keep us from bigger picture thinking. We lean on those to-do’s — easy items that we can check off the list. Meeting had Copy… Read more