I am grateful for you: Let’s ring in this new year

If you are reading this post, I am so grateful for you. Together, we are trying to change the way progressive organizations approach philanthropy so that we can have healthier, more impactful organizations. Lord knows, we’re going to need to be as strategic and as smart as possible these next four years. Thank you for… Read more

How Many Emails Are Too Many?

The “how many is too many” question has supplanted the “which day is best” question as the most pondered issue in email fundraising. The planetary alignment of a grueling presidential campaign followed by the usual end of year email fire hose has made this question especially timely. There’s no easy answer. Maybe that’s why people… Read more

Cultivation is the fun part: I practice what I preach

I’m board Chair of a fringe theater here in Brooklyn called the Bushwick Starr. We just had our annual gala and I spent last night calling event attendees, thanking them and inviting them to our next insider’s only dress rehearsal show. Of course, I got a ton of voicemails. But I also got truly excited… Read more

Don’t Give Me Money

“Don’t give me money” is not an everyday call to action coming from an organization that depends on contributions to survive. So when i got an email from Emily Jacobi, the founder and CEO of Digital Democracy, saying just that, it caught my attention. Under the subject line “Don’t Send us Money,” Emily alerts her readers… Read more

Brand building vs. direct marketing

I believe that non profits, by the nature of what we “sell,” should align our strategies with the brand building game, not the direct marketing game. Why? Here’s what Roy H. Williams had to say about the difference. (And here’s a link to the whole post): “Direct response marketers usually sell products that have a… Read more

Chaotic times call for smarter campaigning

The stakes just went up dramatically for all of us working on social change, so learning how to campaign effectively, manage resources wisely, and punch above our weight has never been more important. Mark and my close friend and colleague Jason Mogus will be leading a training to help social change agents learn how new… Read more