Stupid or Evil?

This has nothing to do with fundraising, so reader beware. One of the great philosophical questions that causes me wonderment is how the supposedly smart conservatives (and yes they do exist) deal with climate change. You have to be an idiot – or a politician – not to believe that the climate crisis is upon… Read more

What Price Authenticity?

Just like you I have personal friends. And when I get an email with the following opening, I have a visceral reaction: From: Elis (personal) Subject: RE: RE: FW: ALERT for you Hey, friend:

As you can see below, Ali and the rest of the team are nervous. As it happens, some of my personal friends… Read more

Don’t be Stupid

I never get tired of railing against vanity metrics because people never seem to tire of following them. The most noxious vanity metric in our world is email list size. There are more ways to inflate that number than you can count. They all produce a bad outcome, if you consider list fatigue and a… Read more

There’s a tribe for that

Back packs with meal management systems built in… Branch Chain Amino Acids… Strong Magazine… I didn’t know about these things before joining my tribe — bodybuilders. I sure do now. My tribe hates on cross fitters. We eat different kinds of protein (casein, whey, soy, pea) for different purposes and at different times during our day.… Read more

The Future of Fundraising

Those clever folks over at Blackbaud have wrassled up a nifty new free ebook with short essays from a variety of folks on the front lines of fundraising. We live in interesting times, sad to say. This compendium is a great way to stay up to date with what works, what doesn’t, and what’s coming… Read more

Case Study: How To Write An Incredible First-Person Story

Telling a good story is tough. Telling a a good first-person story is tougher. A first-person story is narrated from the perspective of a character who is speaking directly about herself. To be authentic, the author really has to get inside the character’s head. The language must be language that character would use. The tone… Read more