Escaping the Death Spiral

We’re all familiar with what is happening to online fundraising. Expectations and budget targets continue to rise, which inevitably leads to more aggressive fundraising, which in turn leads to list burnout. This being an election year, the shock and awe approach to email fundraising practiced by our political party brethren will make it impossible not… Read more

Email: It’s far from dead

Email went from the primary early Internet experience to reviled time sucker in less than a decade. Will it die a gruesome death or will it evolve to still have a place in our lives? The Atlantic argues the latter. See why.

Invest in people

I care about causes. But I tend to invest in people more. When it comes to my volunteer time, my advocacy work and my financial contributions, it really revolves around people. If I believe in someone, I’ll invest in whatever they ask me to do. Conversely, if I believe in a cause, but don’t believe… Read more

2016 will be your year

Before the new year shine rubs off and the realities of the winter doldrums kick in, do one thing. What do you want to achieve professionally this year? What are three activities that can help you get there? How can you measure your progress? When will you measure your progress? Starting is really that simple.… Read more

Batten Down the Hatches

Politics has broken the Internet. To be more specific, political fundraising has inflicted serious damage on email fundraising. We on the progressive side have withstood the monthly and quartyerly torrents of unabashedly beseeching emails from the DCCC, the DSCC, OFA, etc. With over-wrought subject lines like “I’m begging!” and “We’re desperate!” these emails have broken… Read more