Slow it down

Decisive. Active. Speedy. Our culture values these attributes. We want to get stuff done. And we want to get stuff done quickly. I have bought into this “quick to act” mindset for years. And it’s gotten me pretty far. But recently, I’m exploring how and when this doesn’t serve me – or my clients. Sometimes… Read more

A bunch of birders taught me this…

I spent last weekend with a bunch of birders at the National Audubon Convention in Virginia. I did a storytelling workshop with a bunch of front line workers who are helping stop unwanted teenage pregnancies as part of my work with the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. I’m going to Uganda  next… Read more

Move the boulder up the hill: 3 keys to integrated marketing

Why is integrated marketing so damn hard? Because it requires operating outside of traditional organizational silos —  communications, digital, programs, direct marketing, etc… All stakeholders must come together and meet their goals within a unified framework. Doing that is challenging, but it can be done! Here are three key ingredients from successful integrated marketing campaigns. Leadership.… Read more

A Howl for Help

Sea Change was proud as punch to have helped produce this two-minute tearjerker for Defenders of Wildlife. It features stunning photography by Nat Geo snapper Joel Sartore and the powerful music of rising superstar Liz Longley. Both artists donated their work to this urgent effort. Enjoy the video, but more importantly, bop over to Defenders… Read more

Transformation vs. Discovery

I used to think that Sea Change was in the transformation business – meaning we’d work with amazing non profits to transform the way they communicate with their donor and prospect audiences. Now I realize we’re actually in the discovery business. We help non profits uncover their own brilliance by translating our expertise in research, fundraising… Read more

No good deed…

When I look at the nonprofit sector and its millions of committed donors and activists, all I can think of is “no good deed…” Most nonprofits have a fundraising goal that was set when the world’s economy was a different universe.  The non-profit fundraising staff see the goal getting further and further away, and the… Read more

congratulations SPLC

Congrats to the civil rights heroes in Montgomery for winning top honors in the “best organization of resources” category of the Progressive Choice awards.