Emotional Exceptionalism

You would think that wildlife conservation folks and animal welfare types have a lot in common. But you would be wrong. Most wildlife conservation professionals are terrified of even the slightest whiff of emotion. They slap the label “science-based” on their work and claim that everything they do is driven by the almighty algorithm. They… Read more

Stay Calm and DO SOMETHING!

Nothing is more lethal than loss of hope. It’s an insidious toxin and it’s slowly infiltrating efforts to combat the worst of climate change. To those people who say there is nothing we can do, Audubon Prez David Yarnold says “horsepucky!” Actually what he says is far more inspiring than that. Read for yourself.

A Howl for Help

Sea Change was proud as punch to have helped produce this two-minute tearjerker for Defenders of Wildlife. It features stunning photography by Nat Geo snapper Joel Sartore and the powerful music of rising superstar Liz Longley. Both artists donated their work to this urgent effort. Enjoy the video, but more importantly, bop over to Defenders… Read more