The symptoms of “too many meetings” syndrome

Have you ever experienced “too many meetings syndrome?” The symptoms: Exhaustion due to back-to-back scheduling Straying attention span Anxiety over when you’ll get your real work done Confusion over who called this meeting and why Non profit staff are in too many meetings and it’s hurting productivity and impact. Every meeting you attend or lead… Read more

History flashback: Chain letters started out as charitable appeals

We’re all in the thick of year-end prep, so here’s a fun ‘Trivia” blog post to distract you for a few minutes. Did you know that missionaries started the “annoying” tradition of chain letters? In 1888, a Methodist women’s missionary group was having cash flow problems. They were $16,000 in debt after rehabbing their building.… Read more

Upend the drama triangle

Drama in the workplace is exhausting. And it’s one of the main reasons team initiatives falter. Work discussions are not just information exchanges. They are social exchanges, in which participants seek social goals, like acceptance, trust, status and power. Enter in the Drama Triangle — a framework created by psychotherapist Stephen Karpman. This simple tool… Read more

To Call Out Is Human: To Transcend Aggression is Divine

If the famous naturalist and broadcaster David Attenborough were to do field research in progressive circles, he might document in his curious tone, “The humans I witnessed sat behind their computer screens and typed with aggressive keystrokes. They appeared to be in an agitated state — their heart rates high and their sweat glands activated.”… Read more

“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness.”

So says the 14th Dalai Lama. And if it’s good enough for him it’s certainly good enough for me. I like the word “kind” because its synonym, “nice,” has taken on a pejorative flavor in some circles. Nice is sort of like the consolation prize adjective, what you get labeled if you’re not brilliant or… Read more

What happens behind closed doors…

“We’re rethinking what membership means,” He said. “Oh, have you asked your members?” “Ask our members,” he wondered aloud. “Yes – they probably have opinions about membership.” I just had this conversation. Really. This smart professional was re-imagining membership behind closed doors — with staff and a few board members. Asking members about their attitudes… Read more