10 things I wish for you in the new year

That you are kind and compassionate to yourself. That you laugh a lot. That you experience unconditional love — be it from a partner, a child, a pet… That you do something you’ve been afraid to do before — and whether you succeed or fail are proud that you took the leap. That you make… Read more

Why don’t we teach philanthropy to our children?

“Philanthropy” is usually an adult word. But why? Why don’t more families teach what it means to be charitable to school-aged children? Yes – kids might absorb the concept through places of worship, or by seeing direct mail appeals in the mail pile. But what else can we do? A friend of mine shared this… Read more

Stupid or Evil?

This has nothing to do with fundraising, so reader beware. One of the great philosophical questions that causes me wonderment is how the supposedly smart conservatives (and yes they do exist) deal with climate change. You have to be an idiot – or a politician – not to believe that the climate crisis is upon… Read more

the new evangelical Christianity

Sojourners has taught us ignorant eastern liberal heathens that evangelical is not just code for right-wing nut job. And if you missed that, there was the large-scale movement among evangelicals to embrace the global warming issue. Still in doubt? Zack Exley, who is known to most of us for his role on Moveon.org is traveling… Read more

the scandal of the century

Bill McKibben on global warming. If Congress doesn;t pass hard carbon caps in 2007 they should all be turned out of office. As Alia has become fond of saying, the planet doesn’t understand politics.

a whole new (kelp) forest

Suppose you came home one day and stumbled upon a huge living room in your house you never knew was there? That’s about the situation with a team of marine biologists that found a vast kelp forest, in tropical waters not far from the storied Galapagos Islands. Think the oceans are vast? And then some…

Lou Dobbs is not a journalist

He’s a hack. Today’s NYT deconstructs Dobbs’ unique style of “journalism” in today’s blockbuster piece. Concludes NYT reporter David Leonhardt, “Mr. Dobbs has a somewhat flexible relationship with reality.” He’s not a journalist, but he is dangerous.

memorial day 2007

If you are not angry, you are not paying attention. If there is a hell, most of this Administration is on the list.