How to decide what to ignore

It’s ok to ignore things. I often help clients decide what ideas they need to ignore. They usually already know they should ignore them, but they waver because they worry about missing opportunities. This is a leadership tension. When should you pivot to an opportunity that arises? When should you stay the course with your… Read more

Worst Metric Ever

Alia and I recently had the pleasure of spending a few days with 120 friends and colleagues at the 2014 Web of Change conference. One of the recurring conversations among this seasoned and accomplished group of digital communicators was the growing problem of vanity metrics. A vanity metric is a measure that looks great in… Read more

When We Count Everything, Nothing Matters

The proliferation of marketing metrics is a mixed blessing. In theory all that data allows marketers and communicators to reach the exact right audience with the exact right offers in an ever more effective and powerful way. The reality is often quite different. In siloed organizations (probably including yours), each team pursues their own metrics… Read more

getting smart with graphs and charts

As with most online tools, non-profits were a couple of years late to the infographics party. But what we lacked in early adoptness we have made up for in sheer exuberance. Infographics are a powerful communications medium, if used properly. Too often, they are created as design elements, and are just confusing. Check out this… Read more

Birders, Bowlers and Baristas: Igniting Passion Communities

I – like you – have many passions. I’m a music fanatic. I’m a yogi. I’m a non profit marketing geek. I’m a lover of tequila. I’m a fashionista. I’m a dog-o-holic. I’m a dedicated friend. My business partner Mark is a diving nut. He can’t stop talking about sharks. He loves romantic comedies. He’s a… Read more

Just released: National research study of wired major donors

This week, Sea Change Strategies, – that’s us – Convio, and Edge Research released the results of a national research study into the online behaviors and attitudes of “wired wealthy” major donors to non profits. Download the study here. We believe this research will fundamentally shift the way some non profit organizations approach their relationships… Read more

metrics worth knowing

I spend so much time trashing CW on useless Internet metrics, I feel compelled to link to this very nifty article outlining the Rodney Dangerfield of numbers — metrics that deserve more respect than they get. A quick and valuable read.

midsummer metrics madness

So by now chances are you’ve read the Big News — that Nielsen NetRatings is dropping page views as a primary metric for measuring web traffic in favor of time on site — the average number of minutes a user spends on your website. The web analytics community is all atwitter. But how does this… Read more