Make December donor appreciation month

Have you ever felt under appreciated? It doesn’t feel good. As the year-end season kicks into high gear tomorrow with Giving Tuesday, remember that appreciating your donors is a central part of your gig. The way you treat your donors when you aren’t asking them for money is just as important as how you ask… Read more

The Goldilocks Strategy

Let’s say you’re Goldilocks. You’ve started a non-profit to raise money so you can pay back the Three Bears for all the damage you did to their home. And you need a fundraising strategy. How about just going to a few rich people? Hmm, they seem to all want your undivided attention in exchange for… Read more

What a good hug can teach you about communications and fundraising

I love a good hug. Holding someone close and giving them a big squeeze says so much. It’s intimate. It’s connected. At it’s best, a one-on-one hug is a physical representation of our shared human experience. Group hugs are good too. Locking limbs with a group of friends and family is an expression of group… Read more

Ignore them at your own peril

Mid-level donors give a lot of money. In one study of donors to more than a dozen causes, we found that people who give between $1,000 and $10,000 represent only 1% of individual donors, but make up for 34% of total individual revenue. This group of donors is also dramatically plugged into your work and… Read more

15 Concrete Ideas for Stewarding Middle Donors Without Breaking the Bank

“I gave $500 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” That’s a quote I heard from a mid-level donor during a focus group. And sadly, it’s something many mid-level donors could say about their experience with the non profits they support. Neglecting or mistreating mid-level donors is a huge missed opportunity. That’s why Mark… Read more

Complaints are opportunities: Expletives deleted

Last week, a client received an expletive-laced email complaining about the quality of their premiums and the consistency of their delivery. The email author is a senior and wants to pass on the premiums to his grandchildren to encourage their interest in the cause. Expletives-aside, I was struck by how passionate the donor was about… Read more

Give your donors some love

Nurturing donors is something we should be doing all year long.  Cultivation helps to increase donor retention and overall revenue. But when things get hectic, cultivation is one of the first things we let slip. With the all important December fundraising season just three months away, now’s a great time to add some high-engagement touches… Read more

Stop Making Excuses

Stop making excuses for your lack of stewardship communications and other cultivations for middle donors. Good stewardship could make the difference between happy, loyal and generous donors on the one hand and one-and-done tippers on the other. Here are some of the excuses we hear every day. “We can’t afford pure cultivations.” The truth is… Read more