Baby it’s warm outside: Summertime tips to maximize year-end giving

Christmas carols in July? Please, no. Building snowmen instead of sand castles at the beach? Nah. Wooly sweaters at the swimming hole? Absolutely not. The cold, short days of winter seem far away, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be thinking about year-end during the summer months. Fundraisers are like people in the fashion industry.… Read more

Move the boulder up the hill: 3 keys to integrated marketing

Why is integrated marketing so damn hard? Because it requires operating outside of traditional organizational silos —  communications, digital, programs, direct marketing, etc… All stakeholders must come together and meet their goals within a unified framework. Doing that is challenging, but it can be done! Here are three key ingredients from successful integrated marketing campaigns. Leadership.… Read more

The Rule of One

Check out this inspiring Chronicle of Philanthropy piece on the evolution of AARP’s social media strategy. We have long taken the position that social media is important, but not necessarily in the ways we expected. Both the process AARP followed (lots of experimentation) and the resulting “AARP Studios” are worthy of emulation. I’m especially enamored… Read more

Wrinkles are a-ok, but what about the next generation of American giving?

My favorite Who song is My Generation. Even if you don’t dig 1960’s Brit rock anthems, chances are you still like talking about the differences (and similarities) between generations. Sea Change — along with Blackbaud and Edge Research — is doing just that and digging into charitable giving differences and similarities between Gen Y, Gen… Read more

Why Aren’t We Raising More Money On Social Media?

It happens like clockwork. I’m in a meeting and the question rears its head, “So…why is our non profit not raising more money on social media?” My answer? Social media is an engagement channel, not a transactional channel. According to the Non Profit Social Network Benchmarking Report Facebook is the social media channel that has… Read more

Welcome to Non Profit Silo-ville. Population You.

Non profits are organized in ways that don’t make sense to most external audiences. Do your supporters care that you have: A communications team; A development team; An advocacy team; A programs team; and An operations team? Or do they care that you are the best equipped organization to tackle the issues that matter most… Read more

Donors are people too: Exercise to try

Warning: I’m about to use an industry buzz word — donor-centric. It’s a word that gets bandied about so much we often forget that there’s a reason it gets bandied about so much – it’s a pillar of solid, relationship fundraising. It puts individual donors and their unique experience with your organization at the center… Read more