Middle Donor Makeover

Your Mid-level donors are among the most loyal, committed and generous of all your supporters. Chances are they are also among the most neglected.

In our study The Missing Middle, Sea Change identified 8 key attributes that successful mid level programs share. Let us work with you and your team to rev up your program.

Here’s how we do it:


  • Develop a snapshot of where you are in terms of all the elements that lead to successful mid-level program
  • Establish baselines from which to measure progress over time;
  • Identify both the quick wins and areas that need immediate attention.

This step begins with information gathering and may also include interviews with key stakeholders.


This may take the form of a survey, but with mid-level donors the most important conversations will occur through structured in-depth interviews. Through these conversations we will seek to understand:

  • Your brand position and differentiation. How well do current and potential mid-level donors distinguish you from other groups? This is important for all donors, but especially so for mid and major donors who may be making a special commitment to you.
  • Affinity. How strongly do donors feel about you? Are you among their most important giving priorities?
  • Priority issues, messages, and stories. What aspects of your work and what messages have the most appeal to your mid-level donors? Which arguments for support carry the most weight?
  • Stewardship and Cultivation. What kind of cultivation and engagement communications would interest donors the most?


Report findings and recommendation. This will include:

  • Review of research results.
  • Recommendations on narrative arc and messaging. What are the key messages and storylines most likely to inspire individual donors?
  • Stewardship and cultivation priorities – how can you make mid-level donors feel special and appreciated without breaking the bank?
  • Quick wins. What tactical changes or investments will quickly and affordably expand your success?
  • Recommended engagement cycle/calendar;
  • Cadence – what does the ideal outreach calendar look like, within the bounds of your staff and budget?
  • Key performance metrics for online donors.
“We knew we needed to launch a midlevel donor program, but we also knew we were missing something. Turns out that something was Sea Change.”
— Peter Stocker, Development Director


Sea Change can work with you in a number of ways including:

  • Copy writing, for online and postal mail communications to mid-level donors and prospects
  • Planning and implementing cultivation events
  • Planning solicitation campaigns
  • Getting and assessing donor feedback


Want to know how your
program stacks up?

Check out the Sea Change report
The Missing Middle: Neglecting Middle
Donors Is Costing you Millions,
a detailed look at the key attributes of
successful middle giving programs.