Sea Change offers training on a number of topics. Training ranges from half a day to two days and are custom built based on your specific needs.

Alia and Mark’s trainings have a reputation for being effective, but also fun!

Storytelling for fundraising is our signature training topic. Based on UCLA’s screenwriting curriculum, we have developed tailored storytelling training that range from half a day to four full days.

Participants learn how to craft a dramatic story and how to adapt it for applications including fundraising letters, social media, speeches, and videos.

Our training offerings include:

  • Storytelling for Fundraising
  • Fundraising Fundamentals
  • Thought Leadership
  • Change Communications
  • Behavioral Economics

Call or email for more information.

“Sea Change’s Unleash Your Inner Storytelling workshop has radically shifted the way my organization views and practices storytelling. We have led the workshop in Haiti, Uganda, Congo, Tanzania and here at our Washington D.C. Headquarters. Each time, we have been floored by the quality of stories participants write during the training.”
― Margaret Cohen, PSI Deputy Director Individual & Major Gifts