your web site sucks — here’s one reason why

It’s all head and no heart.

My friend Susan Feit just shared this link to a guy whose thing is called “Passion Marketing.” 

I’m still working my way through his stuff, but this jumped off the page:

Business marketing often works upon immediate gratification, based on tangible products and services and the information that describes them.

In the Nonprofit/NGO world inspiration must be in the lead, followed by information. Nonprofits/NGOs represent the soul of a society. They tackle the issues that improve the human condition. They more often work upon the long term intangible. The intangible is fueled by inspiration more than information. Inspiration moves people to give their money away, to change their opinions, to participate and to volunteer their time.

Here’s the page this is on.  Check it out!

  • TJ

    that guy looks like a skinny Phillip Seymour Hoffman.