I’m an upbeat, can-do creative-type. But lately, I’ve been feeling a little uninspired.

That’s a-ok. We all feel uninspired sometimes. It’s what we do to break ourselves out of the slump that matters. Here are some of my techniques. What are yours:

  • Try something you’ve never done before. My sister took her family indoor skydiving a few weeks ago and she’s been high on the experience ever since. Tim started Olympic Weight Training at a new gym. I took a weekend retreat by myself. Doing something completely new and foreign can help shake you out of your doldrums.
  • Break habitual patterns. Take a new route to work. Try a new restaurant instead of going to your old standard. Wake up earlier than usual and have a leisurely coffee outside. Altering your habits and patterns slightly can wake you up to new possibilities.
  • See thing with fresh senses. Explore an area of town on foot, bike or even by boat.  Go to a farmer’s market and smell the sights. Paint the sound of a song. Mixing up sensory experiences can refresh your sense of the world.
  • Give yourself space. I tend to get uninspired when I don’t have much free time to play and imagine. Make sure to program some down time throughout your days — and don’t waste that down time surfing the Internet!

Inspiration is more magic than science. Tell me how you keep it alive and well.