On any given day, there’s some part of me that is ready to give up on the task of helping to fix our broken world. If you’re not in despair at least some of the time, I suspect you’re not paying attention.

So in part to balance the scales in favor of hope, each year I attend the Web of Change conference, a gathering of young, brilliant, hyper-energetic, entrepreneurial folks who share one ideal: to never give up trying to guide humankind to a better place.

Alia (who is all of those above-mentioned adjectives) has played a critical leadership role in these gatherings for years. I’m so grateful to her and her fellow change-makers for the annual opportunity to absorb a big dose of inspiration, hope, and determination to stay in the fight for another day or two. Did i mention they’re funny too?

What keeps you going? Whatever it is, make room in your life to do more of it. Much more.