MaddieI just had an incredibly remarkable experience that I have to share.

I’ve been following Maddie on Things for about 2 months. You have to check it out for yourself, but in a nutshell, Theron Humphrey is telling incredible stories and taking gorgeous photos on a journey across the country to raise awareness about dog rescue. His star and muse is a lovely — and quite agile — rescue dog named Maddie.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m NUTS about dogs. And I’ve become WAY NUTS about Maddie.

This morning as I was on a a client call, my partner texted me to let me know that a very special dog was sitting outside the coffee shop across the street from our apartment. “Are you kidding?” I thought to myself. “Could it be???” The minute the call ended I ran over and guess who I found – Maddie!

I sat down and she climbed right into my lap. Theron came out of the coffee shop with my partner and agreed to take a photo of Maddie on ME!

I really just had to share that, but now I feel obliged to relate this story to non profit fundraising and engagement. If you give the people who are crazy passionate about you an awesome moment, they’ll never forget you and they’ll talk about you like mad to everyone who will listen — just like I will continue to do about Theron and Maddie.

Now go buy a print or the book and support this amazing project.