If you live in California, Oregon or Washington, the devastating wildfires engulfing areas of your state are likely weighing heavy for you.

If you are a parent, you are likely playing things day-by-day — as you and your children get used to a mix of in person and virtual teaching while navigating countless other familial ups and downs.

If you live alone, you might be feeling super lonely after months of social distancing.

If you live anywhere in the U.S. right now, you are likely pre-occupied with the momentous upcoming  election, a reckoning from years of oppression and racial injustice, and the myriad repercussions of a global pandemic.

Empathy is an overused word. But right now, our world needs MORE of it. And so do donors.

As fundraisers, we are in the relationship business. Donors are people. And they are juggling a lot of uncertainty right now.  At Sea Change, we facilitate online discussion groups for a number of clients, and donors across the spectrum are telling us that they are  frightened and exhausted.

But they are also telling us that they need hope — and agency. 

This is your opportunity. Meet donors where they are with understanding. Give them hope.  And offer them ways to engage that can unleash their agency.

You are a conduit — so people can feel their power in a time when most of us feel powerless.