When I talk to organizations about blogging, the top primary concerns are
creating blog-worthy content and the staff resources needed to create
blog-worthy content.

I know – creating blog-worthy content can be a bear (can you say blog-worthy
content ten times fast? Make a video, send it to me – that’s blog-worthy).

But in the meantime, you don’t have to go it alone.

The early adopters – NARAL Pro Choice America – launched their blog Bush v.
Choice in July of 2004
. They work with blogger Jessica from Feministing.com
to create engaging content with that bloggy edge. Jessica keeps the blog
alive and well today. You don’t have to go it alone – but you do have to
give up some control – check out the disclaimer language.

Campus Bread – a blog for students and campus activists – is written by…
students and campus activists. Don’t forget to reach out to your supporters
to help provide content – you might have the next rock star blogger on your

Ok, I know it’s not a non profit blog – but I love the concept behind it.
Chemistry.com – an online dating site – just launched its “Great Mate
Debate” blog. They’ve invited 6 experts in the field to talk about their
opinions on relationships in America.

Get your organization’s experts to have a conversation with each other
online. Or reach out to some outside experts to guest write on the blog. It
can keep it interesting.

All in all – blogging takes work no matter how you slice and dice it. But
the cultivation and conversation that it enables is worth it.

I didn’t event get into blog writing tips!