Are you ready to stop being an order taker and to start co-creating?

When it comes to design, strategy and other creative services, it’s easy to do what your client, boss or co-workers request. It’s much harder to ask the kinds of questions that help your client, boss or co-workers see a different world of possibility than what they had imagined.

My friend and entrepreneurial inspiration Lauren Bacon just released a FREE ebook that dives deep into the whys and how’s of asking questions that will help you collaborate more deeply with your stakeholders.

Curious For A Living: How Asking Better Questions Makes You Indispensable not only examines the intriguing theory behind why it’s important to ask good questions, but also gives you sample questions — ones you can steal — to help you put the ideas into action. Lauren also gives you ways to spot “non answers” that should raise red flags. You know — the ones that Terry Gross and Ira Glass just won’t stand for.

You can read the book in just over an hour. Go ahead. Download it for free now.