Donald Trump is right out of “progressive bad guy” central casting.

And it’s no secret that fundraising for progressive causes tends to be easier when you have bad guys (e.g a President and  Administration that is threatening the very bedrock of progressive values multiple times in any given day).

If you are reading this blog, you likely will get many new donors drawn to the resistance in the coming months. Getting them now won’t be the problem. Keeping them will.

Get your retention strategy in place!

  • How are you thanking new donors? How quickly are you thanking them? How genuinely are you thanking them?
  • How are you making them feel like they are part of your community — that they are not alone in this fight?
  • How are you showing progress and impact?
  • How are you showing your vision for what an Anti-Trump agenda looks like?
  • How are you asking them to give again? As a monthly donor? As an upgrade ask tied to an urgent issue? Via phone? Via email?

New donors will come. But they also can go. Do your best to keep them engaged so that we can fund crucial efforts to fight back.