Most bike marketing I’ve encountered focuses on the die-hards. You know the types — the bike messenger tough guys, the mountain bike maniacs, and the neon-covered weekend road warriors.

But I finally found some bike content that speaks to me, the bike curious, and I’m so hooked.

Momentum Magazine is a fantastic example of content that lives for a well-defined target audience — the first commandment of good marketing.

Momentum is for people like me who love being on a bike, but are more interested in arriving safely than going for speed or thrills. It’s for people who worry about things like wearing heels on a bike, or how to transport a lap top bag, a bag of groceries and a yoga mat in the rain. It’s for people who don’t yet know how to fix a dislodged chain (Is that what you call it? Dislodged?) And it’s for people who don’t know a lot about gear shifts.

Momentum Magazine makes it ok not to be an expert on a bike and to still like them.

If you yourself are bike-curious, check them out. And even if you aren’t, take a look to see what disciplined  audience-first content marketing looks like.

Many of our causes would be well-served if we had this kind of laser-like focus on audience. Who are you talking to? And how can you talk to them with more relevance?