If your email recipients or site visitors don’t click, they don’t give.

That’s why I recommend checking out this post from the smart folks at Copyblogger — six proven ways to increase conversion rates of call-to-action buttons.


(1) People are hardwired to look for things that stand out — or that are different. Make the button you want clicked stand out from other buttons or content features on your site or in your emails.

(2) Write your call to action copy in the first person. Finish this sentence: I want to _________. (e.g. I want to donate with one click. I want to give a hassle-free holiday gift). This trick is how good copywriters get buttons that say “Learn to Ride A Bike” vs. “Register to learn more.”

(3) Add a click trigger to your button —  like testimonials or star ratings.

(4) Focus big time on your donation form donate now button. This is where you need to pull out all the stops to get the conversion. Test one of the following: Increase the size of your button. Use higher contrast color. Add influential testimonials. Add risk-reducing messaging near the button “Next you’ll review your donation.”

During year-end fundraising season small shifts can yield big results. Don’t forget about those buttons and calls to action.


This is the fourth post in a weekly “One Thing You Should Do Today” series I’m writing throughout year-end fundraising season. Let me know if these actionable tips are helpful.