What’s your leadership edge?
– Do you want to be more available to your direct reports?
– Do you want to feel more at ease when you speak in public?
– Would you like to spend more time on big picture planning?
– Would you like to improve your relationship with your board?
Whatever your edge, your behaviors around that edge likely need to shift.  And your behaviors will resist change as long as they remain outside your conscious awarness.
That’s where self-awareness practice comes into play.
(1) Choose a behavior you’d like to work on.
(2) Choose a timeframe (one to two weeks is usually best)
(3) Notice when attitudes around your “leadership edge” behaviors arise. For instance, “There isn’t enough time.” “I have more urgent things to do.” “I don’t feel like I have the skills to do xyz.”
(4) Don’t change anything. For this period of practice, just notice.
Once you engage in self-awareness practice, you can start to shift your behaviors/reactions.
But first, you have to notice.