Grinding through a shitty work culture is emotionally exhausting.

Grinding through a shitty work culture for a cause you believe in is a tragedy.

After all, if we’re doing so much good, why does working at a non profit often feel so bad?

As fundraisers, Mark and I run into culture issues all of the time. And finally, fed up with the infighting, we  released a thought piece called Inside Out Fundraising that explores culture issues from a lens of philanthropy.

We had a chance to chat with Steve Maclaughlin at Blackbaud about what we learned. Check out the podcast here.

You’ll here us laugh a lot — and we also talk about:

  • The signs of shitty culture.
  • What it means to create a culture of philanthropy.
  • What we learned in the research.
  • The challenges we see to fixing culture.
  • What ED’s and boards can do to help.

The work we do is tough. Let’s commit to strengthening our work cultures and stopping the tragic culture wars that play out daily in our professional lives.