I’ve been feeling a little creativity burn-out over the past little while. And I’ve decided I need to rejuvenate my creative engine.

What am I doing to rejuvenate? Here are my first five.

1. Go to a small art show – I want to see what other people are creating (that has nothing to do with the Internet) and talk the artist who created it.

2. Stop complaining about being busy, the weather, etc… – Most of the time when I complain, I just don’t have anything better to say. I’d rather focus on having something better to say.

3. Allow time for creative inspiration when it hits – even if it’s just a mere flutter of an idea. I’m going to let myself immediately play with ideas, mold them, change them, and share them – back-to-back meetings be damned.

4. Run or do yoga – gets me in a place where I’m free to think clearly.

5. Don’t push dreaming off of the agenda.

We all have creativity inside us. But day-to-day pressures and schedules can zap it. So it keep it alive and recognize when you need some rejuvenation.

And for daily creative boosts check out Hugh MacLeod’s Gaping Void blog. Here’s an older post of his on nurturing creativity.