When was the last time a webinar touched your heart?

If you said “never,” welcome to the club.

It’s important to remember the goal of donor cultivation is connection, not information.

Is it possible to create a sense of intimacy online? Yes, but it’s hard. In fact the only great example I know has nothing to do with fundraising.

As many of you know I’m a raging fan of singer-songwriter Liz Longley. Liz holds a monthly online get-together. For 45 minutes she sings, jokes with the 100 or so people who’ve gathered (the platform has a chat feature), and just basically gets real. OK she has advantages you don’t – musical brilliance and the voice of an angel. But she sets the gold standard for digital intimacy and you should know what a 10 out of 10 looks like.

Her next cyber gathering is November 24th at 8 Eastern. Pay what you want.

At a minimum you’ll have a great time. But maybe you’ll also find inspiration for making connections with donors they won’t forget.