The best way to have an amazing fundraising program is to have an amazing fundraising team.

But too often, bosses don’t address C players on a team early enough.

Recent data from McKinsey finds that only 19% of the thousands of senior managers they polled felt their companies removed low performers quickly and effectively.

This great post from Harvard Business Review discusses the three types of C players and what to do with each of them.

There three dimensions are:

  1. Competence — Does the individual match the competence demands of their role?
  2. Motivation — Does the team member possess the drive and the willingness to do the job?
  3. People skills — Is the person able to connect with their colleagues and with you?

If someone falls short on competence, they likely need to be managed out of your team — or put into a different role that matches their competencies.

If someone falls short on motivation, they likely need to be re-engaged. Coaching could be helpful for this individual. Or working with them to find a better fit in terms of applying their competencies to their role.

If someone lacks people skills, you have to address it. Pretending emotional IQ is a “nice to have” will only derail your team. These individuals need clear, direct and actionable feedback about their interpersonal behaviors.

When I’m working with a client thats doing great work, it’s because they have a great team.

How are you making your team great?