Infatuation happens to us all.

But some of the same dating tips that can turn a fling into a long-term relationship, can turn someone who signed up for your newsletter after reading about an issue you work on in today’s paper into a sustaining member of your organization.

It might not happen over-night or be love-at-first-sight. But if you lay the groundwork for a long-term relationship and don’t make one-night-stand blunders, you just might have a beautiful future together. Here are a five ways to pave the path from issue fling to long-term bling.

– Court them – tell them this is going to be something special from the moment they sign on – send a series of relevant welcome messages that show them that you know they exist and care about what matters to them.

– Listen to them – make sure to incorporate “listening tools” in your messages including surveys, polls, rating this information, etc.. No one wants to go out with someone who doesn’t listen and only talks about themselves.

– Be sincere – People like to relate to “real” people who face the same challenges, victories, and disappointments. That’s why US Weekly’s “Stars – They are just like us” column is so popular. Show em you eat pizza too.

– Don’t take them for granted – Send them an occassional message that doesn’t ask them to do anything. It should just give them information, or thank them, or make them feel a part of something.

– Shake it up – Doing the same thing day in and day out can get boring. Dinner and a movie again? Think of creative ways to engage using video, photos, blogs, social networks, contests etc… Use your imagination.