Warning: I’m about to use an industry buzz word — donor-centric.

It’s a word that gets bandied about so much we often forget that there’s a reason it gets bandied about so much – it’s a pillar of solid, relationship fundraising. It puts individual donors and their unique experience with your organization at the center of your fundraising strategy.

As part of a monthly giving strategy session, I  just finished an exercise for a client that made the buzz come alive for me in a very real way.

I looked at six different donors to Organization X through the lens of the monthly giving program:

  • Carol S. – Multi channel donor who has made 2+ gifts in the past year who is not yet a monthly donor
  • Jack B. – Offline donor for whom we have an email address (but who has never given online) who is not yet a monthly donor
  • Donald C. – Current offline monthly donor for whom we have an email address
  • Nancy N. – Current online monthly donor
  • Paul H. – Lapsed offline monthly donor with no email address
  • Caron A. – Lapsed online sustainer

I then listed out (in sequence) the touches that each of these donors have received from the organization during the last six months via email, mail and telemarketing.

What did I learn? For confidentiality reasons, I can’t disclose specifics. But I gained a ton of insights on ways to better integrate messaging, segment the file and all-in-all treat these donors better.

Feeling stuck? Try this exercise and start with your donors first.