Whenever I go the gym on my own, I skip the recommended third set of my weight repetitions (sheepish grin).

I manage to get myself through two rounds, but when push comes to shove, I let myself off the hook right as I’m in the home stretch — right when I’m about to make the most difference.

Personal trainers don’t let you skip the third set. That’s one reason you see amazing results when you work with one. They don’t let you cut the small corners that make a big difference.

I’ve been thinking a lot about parallel third sets in my personal and professional life. Where am I shortcutting myself when I’m just about to break through a barrier?

  • Not pushing myself to write something compelling every day?
  • Not thanking a donor I worked 12 months to acquire?
  • Not reserving free space in my calendar to think creatively about  a new angle for a campaign?
  • Not asking why before deciding what?

The third set is hard. But it’s where we grow the most. What’s your third set?