Network for Good posted a free eBook called How to Raise a Lot More Money Now – 50 Great Ideas from 11 top Experts. Get bite-size advice and tips from leading experts in social media for social change.

Authors include Sea Change’s own Mark Rovner and Alia McKee as well as other leading fundraising minds Jeff Brooks, Sarah Durham, Jocelyn Harmon, Kivi Leroux Miller, Nancy Schwartz, Chris Forbes, and Katya Andresen.

This is a fun and fast read packed with helpful tips including:

  • Create a beneficiary thank-you corps. Beneficiaries of your work are assigned new donors to personally thank on behalf of the cause.
  • When donors give online, ask them for an optional few words on why they gave. Fill your home page with their answers.
  • Thank more than you ask – it makes donors want to give more. List donors on your blogs and websites. Send them personal emails. Use Facebook and Twitter to broadcast your gratitude.
    And remember the old-fashioned stuff is powerful: pick up the phone or hand-write a note to tell your donors how much you love them.

These concise tips will have your mind whirring with ideas!