Can you get something done? Can you finish a project?

Seth Godin calls this shipping. I call it getting shit done.

He says people who ship are scarce. From experience, I agree.

He writes, “If you can get something out the door while your competitors cringe in fear, you win. If you’re the team member that makes things happen, you become indispensable. If you and your organization are the ones (the only ones) that can get things done, close the sale, ship the product and make a difference, you’re the linchpins—the ones we can’t live without.”

Still, I know so many people who don’t ship. Why?

  • There’s resistance to failing.
  • There’s resistance to being held accountable for the decisions made.
  • There’s lack of strategic vision so everything becomes a priority, which means nothing is a priority.
  • There’s no way to measure success.
  • There’s no management — roles and responsibilities are unclear.

Think about your body of work. Do you ship? If not, why? What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back?