This will be my last post of 2014 — and I’d like to sum it up in three words: I’m so grateful.

I’m grateful because:

  • I get to work and play each and every day with Mark Rovner and Sann Knipple. They are the most amazing colleagues, friends and co-conspirators! I am truly indebted to both of them. Thank you, both.
  • I love my clients. We are a boutique shop — primarily because we only want to work with clients we adore. Thank you all for being smart, challenging, fun, passionate and true partners in this relationship.
  • I learn something new and do something positive every for the causes and issues I care about most.
  • I work in my PJ’s when I want. Enough said.
  • I am part of the Web of Change community — a group of incredible individuals working at the intersection of technology and social change. They support and nurture my personal and professional pursuits. Without them, I would not be the kind of leader I’ve become.
  • There is no end to learning. The self as we know it is impermanent and we can constantly learn and grow more — pushing past any boundary we imagine.
  • There are many undiscovered passions awaiting me. 
  • The kick ass women I’ve forged and solidified friendships with this year. You all showed up in such a big way when I needed you most. THANK YOU!
  • I’m on the board of the best cultural thing going on in NYC right nowThe Bushwick Starr Theater. Noel and Sue, you humble me with your creativity and vision.
  • I get to visit my dog Blue Jean whenever I can. She’s the light of my life.
  • My family — they helped make me who I am and inspire me to live my best life.
  • Tim Walker – you you you.

2014 — you were both challenging and life-affirming — all in one tight bundle. I’m thankful for that. And for the chance to start 2015 refreshed, energized and yes, grateful.