I just spent a week meditating and practicing how to create enlightened society with a bunch of Buddhists.

Yes – you read that correctly. We are aspiring — in this crazy day and age — to create enlightened society. And we believe the change begins with ourselves.

One of those changes is feeling worthy.

Few people truly connect with their innate sense of worthiness — their sense of dignity void of any trappings like professional pursuit, social standing, or other human constructs we invent to measure ourselves.

When we don’t see ourselves as innately worthy, we, in turn, don’t treat others as innately worthy. They aren’t worthy of eye contact. They aren’t worthy of an email response. They aren’t worthy of the extra time or investment.

Society is made up of our inherent connection — the interdependence of all human relationships. How each of us feels about ourselves creates the energy we put into our relationships.

If we are broken, our relationships are broken.

If we have confidence in our innate sense of worthiness, our relationships will pulsate with this confidence.

How you feel about yourself impacts every one of your relationships — including your professional ones. You can’t create enlightened society without first starting at home.