You have never had a better opportunity as a fundraiser to let your creative flag fly than you have right now. So many things have changed, so what’s the point in coloring inside the box when the box is busted?

Here’s just one example: Just before the pandemic, Alia and I were working with small to medium state policy groups. If there was one common thread to these folks’ feelings it could be boiled down to one bumper sticker slogan: we hate fundraising galas.

Your wish has been granted. You’ve been freed from a fundraising tactic that’s been around for years because, well it’s been around for years. Organizations hate them. For the most part donors hate them too.

The explosion of creative virtual alternatives have not only been beautiful and many of them genius, they have been quite successful at raising money. And you have a vastly wider audience for virtual events. Even when the pandemic is behind us, there’ll be loads of introverts, hermits or geographically inconvenient donors who will join your virtual party. That’s what fundraisers have been finding.

That’s just one example of the ways that 2020 has shaken things up. We should have been trying new things and paying attention to the changes around us all along. Now we have no choice.

Isn’t that awesome!