This week, Sea Change Strategies, – that’s us – Convio, and Edge Research released the results of a national research study into the online behaviors and attitudes of “wired wealthy” major donors to non profits. Download the study here.

We believe this research will fundamentally shift the way some non profit organizations approach their relationships with major donors online. We found these constituents have high expectations for their online engagement. And the research provides important insight into the ways non profits can better connect, motivate and retain these donors.

The results of this research will provide a variety of different nonprofit organizations – both large and small – the tools to assess their online strategy and make adjustments where necessary to better capture big opportunities.

The study surveyed more than 3,000 donors from 23 major nonprofit organizations to determine the online behaviors and preferences of one of the non profit sector’s most important constituents. The “wired wealthy” are identified as individuals who donate a minimum of $1,000 dollars annually to a single cause and give an average of $10,896 to various charities each year, with a median gift of $4,500.

Download the study here.