If you have never encountered the so-called “Wizard of Ads,” you are in a for a special treat.

Roy Williams, aka the Wizard, is an autodidact genius and self-made advertising mogul. He has plowed his fortune into what has to be the world’s most unconventional business school outside of Austin, TX. It’s called the Wizard Academy. It’s also home of the biggest collection Don Quixote memorabilia this side of Pluto.

Alia and I have both spent time with the Wizard and both got a tremendous amount out of the experience. The Wiz’s weekly email screed has been among the most valuable sources of insight for years on branding, the psychology of communications and marketing, and copywriting.

This column, an inspiring and important collection of quotes about identity, is typical fare.

We have long held that in many cases, what we in the fundraising biz are selling is identity. For donors to most charities, giving is not about member benefits or access or even the tote bag. It’s about creating an opportunity for a donor to take an action that speaks directly to the sort of person she or he wishes to be. “I donate because I am the kind of person who  doesn’t stand idly by in the face of suffering.”

Check out the Wizard. Better yet, go see him for yourself!