Shane and I are planning our wedding. Each and every choice we make from asking bridesmaids to choose their own dress to making a gift to a cause we care about in lieu of favors says something about he and I. Whether conscious or not, in marketing-like terms, our choices aim to exude fun, laidback, progressive, DIY cool.

We all express ourselves by choices we make – the clothes we wear, the friends we keep, PC or Mac.

Companies tell us all the time what it says about us if we buy their product. We’re creative. We’re smart. We’re healthy. We’re independent thinkers. But I don’t believe most non profits are doing this very well. And I think we could stand to work harder to communicate the essence of what it means to be a part of a particular organization or cause.

What do you think it says about you that you support your organization? Ask your donors and activists too. And then communicate it – in all channels. Supporting [insert cause here] might not make someone thinner or smarter, but it says something about who they are. What is it?