I say “groovy” a lot.

I was born in 1977 and came of age in the 90’s. I’m a young Gen-Xer — not a young Boomer. So when I use “groovy,” I mean it as a kitschy throw back. An ironic nod to bell bottoms and lava lamps.

Younger clients of mine don’t get this irony.  I’ve been told recently by multiple millennials  that when I say “groovy” I’m drifting into OK Boomer territory.  Whaaaa??? Do they not get my irony???

Agree or disagree on the pros and cons of groovy usage — it just goes to show that we are not our target audiences.

So millennials, I have to give you that hard truth right back.

In fundraising, you are likely mostly engaging with people over the age of 55 — or even over the age of 65.

OK Boomer = OK fundraising.

It might make your eyes roll. But you are not your target audience.