How’s this for high drama (and it’s a true story):

A beautiful young female leaves her family to make her own way in the world. After months of wandering, she meets two young ne’er-do-well males – and decides to have offspring with both of them. Over the years the expanding family grows into the dominant power in their valley. Until the day the matriarch, more beautiful and powerful than ever, is gunned down just miles from her home.

“She” was a wolf named ’06, for the year of her birth. And she was arguably the most-adored, most-celebrated, and most formidable wolf in Yellowstone National Park history. A hunter shot and killed ’06 during a brief foray outside the safe confines of the park’s boundaries late last year.

 It’s a moving tale well told by Jeff Hull in the January-February 2012 issue of Audubon Magazine.

Read the story. This is what powerful writing looks like.

Now look at your organization’s website, at your emails, at your blog. Does it measure up?