December fundraising season is less than a month away. Stop reading this blog post and go thank your donors.

Yes – before your competitor’s Thanksgiving “we never thank you during the year but are going to thank you now” video launches.

Yes – before you check your email and see the next urgent task you have to do.

Yes – before the day is done.

Go thank your donors. It’s simple.

  1. Write a heartfelt email showcasing one major accomplishment you achieved together.
  2. Include an uplifting photo.
  3. In the copy, invite your donor to respond to the email with any thoughts or feedback he or she has.
  4. Implement the message in your email service provider.
  5. Hit send.
  6. Respond to any donors who reply.

Easy! Gratitude given. Good feelings sent.

This will be the first in a weekly “One Thing You Should Do Today” series I’ll be launching throughout year-end fundraising season. Let me know if these actionable tips are helpful.