Rage is all the rage.

There of course many good reasons to be feeling rage. How can you not feel it on behalf of members of our society who have been oppressed, bullied, attacked, ignored or left behind? How can you not feel it in light of the outbursts of pure unadulterated hate blooming around us?

The problem is, rage is terrible strategy.

Rage masquerades as clarity. Rage relieves us of the burden of dealing with grays and in-betweens and the true messiness of our world and the possibility that maybe just maybe OUR reality is not THE reality.

Rage feels good. It feels good to be righteous. It makes you feel like a warrior in the battle between good and evil.

Rage reinforces your tribal identity. Rage is often the glue that holds groups together,

The problem is, rage never listens. Rage portrays adversaries as caricature stereotypes. Rage is really good at spawning counter-rage.

Like all feel-good fixes, rage is bad for you. I believe my dad died of rage.

Rage is understandable. But if we don’t get past it, we’re doomed to remain in the swirling gyre of shit in which we all find ourselves today.