You are an expert at something.

You have experiences that have led you to believe that certain things are true and certain things are false.

You know things. But what if I told you that all this knowing can sometimes be a great hindrance?

Sometimes what we “know” gets in the way of what we’re currently experiencing.

This is why beginner’s mind comes in handy. Beginner’s mind is a basic buddhist principle called Shoshin. It’s about having an attitude of opennesses and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject — even at an advanced level — just as a beginner would. It is also aptly called “child’s mind.”

As you start this new year, think about incorporating beginner’s mind into your professional life. Challenge the assumptions of what you know. Ask yourself, “Is this my opinion? How did I come to believe this? Why do I think this is true? Is there another view point someone is presenting that is also true?”

Letting go of mental structures can help make space for new ideas to break through.

I believe the best experts are willing to begin again and again and again.