How often do you say to yourself, “I don’t have enough time.” Or maybe “We don’t have the budget.” Or maybe “That’s too challenging for this team.”

This state of mind is one of scarcity. It’s very stressful and it often sabotages our efforts.

Operating from a place of abundance requires a big mental shift. “What can I reschedule or cancel so I can focus on this project?” “How can I make a case that spending money on this project is a good use of resources?” “Is this an opportunity for someone on my team to grow?”

To start the shift, try the following practice each day this week.


Observe each and every time your mind has the perception or experience of scarcity, that there’s not enough, or that you’re not enough.

Use reminders to help you focus on our practice:

  • Sticky notes on your desk or on your mirror at home.
  • Reminders on your computer screen, calendar and phone

And notice what happens to your energy, your passion and your power as you slip into the “not enough” perspective.

Big thanks to Robert Gass and the Social Transformation Project for this exercise.