Matt Littlejohn clued me in to this incredible interview with Seth Godin held by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. YOU MUST MAKE YOUR CEO READ THIS INTERVIEW.

Too many “best parts” to cite but here are two of my faves:

On the importance of building deep rather than broad relationships:

You don’t need 1000 shallow relationships, you don’t need a long list of friends. What you need is deep relationships, people willing to mortgage their house to support you, willing to host a party to support you, willing to devote a vacation to support you. That’s not about volume, nor is it about the site. It’s about how you build relationships that matter.

On the perils of being risk-averse:

The biggest mistake non profits make is that they’re so busy not making mistakes they end up being boring. Boring and selfish and self-absorbed, all while they’re working so hard to make the world better. It’s ironic, but true.